A play to earn CNFT project working on creating a community-driven conquest game on Cardano. By owning an NFT you will be able to participate in the zone battles to earn rewards, level up your NFT, and help your team achieve victory.

Simplest way to mint both the new Synergy Collection and Season 1 Defenders Collection, is to Click [Mint NFT] from https://play.cryptodefenders.app/inventory

You can use Yoroi, Daedalus, CCWallet, Adalite & Nami, only with Shelley addresses. NEVER send ADA from an exchange. Currently we recommend using the NAMI wallet for storing NFT’s as that is the wallet which we have built integration for the Crypto Defenders game. Yoroi is the top rated wallet on Cardano, but the NFT display is still lacking. Once again, never send from an exchange (most don’t have NFT integration).

Crypto Defenders: 111cc4169734ddc7622eec9b67fb3cbd8b1594707689f4c869ecf482

Defenders Synergy: f327fb8b5946b1b132592be00b2e53ffceaa34f1969a3dc52bccc1f6

To mint, make sure you’re using one of the wallets mentioned in the FAQ. (Preferably Yoroi or Nami). Minting is only available while supply lasts, afterwards they will only be purchasable on the secondary market (cnft.io etc.)

To mint we recommend going directly to our app and clicking on MINT NFT from the inventory screen. https://play.cryptodefenders.app/inventory

Otherwise, please visit discord or twitter to find the minting address.